Entrepreneurs how to step on the air, boil opponents Pig eight quit nets CEO Zhu Mingyue said so

April 22nd, thousands of entrepreneurs gathered in Chengdu to participate in tiger sniffing F& M Innovation Festival Chengdu Railway Station. A few days a total of ten speakers to share their entrepreneurial experience, from the local grassroots entrepreneurs in Chengdu to fly to Chengdu specifically Ali, the relevant person in charge of Jingdong. Pig network founder, CEO Zhu Mingyue also brought to the event, share zhubajie.com what is through the ten years.


below is Zhu Mingyue’s speech at the event:

I was in the audience quietly listen to each project roadshow, listen to the big coffee Chen Hua told a business including me to dry cargo, ten years of their careers, the mind emerges out of four words: not easy. Everybody said that,


pig is a business for ten years is still a start-up company, I have recently been thinking about these two questions, the first question is whether the pig is what kind of company? Second in the 10 years how the hell are we alive?

clearly, the first question: Pig what? In the beginning a lot of people say we do reward, we do Witkey, design and trade mark we do. We found that this is too difficult to do, because of an enterprise, including US enterprises, for a lifetime only need a logo, serious low frequency, serious non-standard, non professional buyers make complex buying, such a pig to do business.


later we had the worst business, we say that although this point is very difficult, but we hope we should have a lofty ideal, there is a great prospect, or no way to tell the story in front of us investors. So we say that the third industry is the service trade platform. This is big enough, the third industry and the Internet multiplied by him must be equal to a big future. But after eight or nine years, we found that the scope of the real estate industry is indeed too large, including singing it KTV singing, but also the third industry, to do a review of the food business, but also the industry of the third……

pig eight quit how to survive a word: boil

then if we dream into reality, gradually go back, gradually clear, we find that we should not do it for personal, family oriented life of these services, we should do to our full range of life cycle oriented enterprises for small businesses, Small and micro businesses in the service. So we say that now we are clear, we are actually a small and micro enterprise services third party platform.

I think we sat in the audience today, many of them should be our potential service object. We hope that we can focus on their core business, the other around the business, from the brand logo design, intellectual property services, marketing promotion, to finance a series of tax accounting, peripheral services, through the pig to Crowdsourcing. Ten years later, we finally found ourselves.


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