From the web page of the development of the garbage, talk about the planning and promotion of person

in the six months ago, perhaps we do not know there is a spam page such a site, and today, I almost everyone on the QQ know spam page such a garbage station. Even if I do not know the web site, also heard of such a name. Why is it that a web site that has been developed for just a year can build such a high level of garbage awareness so quickly? I have to study the development of our station analysis and promotion methods, "the webmaster do promotion planning in individual stationmaster sit first put the garbage, the garbage fully deserve. Analysis of

when you do website must be in the domain name, site name, column design targeted. Be clear at a glance. Who knows who the user is. Analysis of

the so-called garbage promotion: wine is also afraid of deep alley, do not say the website promotion, it is no good web spam webmaster to do the promotion is very set. His methods are mainly three.

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