QQ mailbox with mail advertising mail anti rod drink


team brings three February 10, 2014 Tencent QQ mailbox function for the user, with 1 improvements: 2, automatic writing advertising mail; Lenovo recently contact group; 3, add a large picture to text, but also to optimize the basic functions.

you don’t know the domestic mail marketing messages sent over 80% are sent to QQ mailbox, as do SEO, launched a series of optimization around Baidu and Baidu, every official speaker will cause the interpretation of a large number of SEO staff, as a way to promote the "email marketing" naturally don’t let the dynamic update.

The first "with advertising messages

the function of improvement is the number one object of our email marketing personnel concerned, we will see how to define the official is:


in accordance with the requirements of the mail brother put his mailbox as a case to try to look at the merger advertising messages in the end what effect. The first step is not before the merge, you can see the advertisement of every hue in the inbox, Wangfujing, SouFun, newegg.


second step, to "set – opening experience room" opened with function, opening, we return home mailbox, see part of the mail before beginning to merge in the "spam", if you do not click to see is the mail.


third, which in the end what we see and click "spam"? If you see, there is the mail before the merger in Wangfujing, Soufangwang, – mail, and even QQ online shopping, it is Tencent alike, even their own system of mail to the killer, would rather kill one thousand, never let a.


Although the "

with spam" function, at present to be manually opened, but mail brother believe, over time the QQ mailbox will take it as the default state, then email marketers will lead to the history of the most brutal test of your message through hardships, through a variety of challenges of anti spam rules. Finally entered the inbox, this time, you think you can sleep without any anxiety, but the function of the Tencent began to recruit taifashenwei, your email inbox into the inside of the "spam", but under the condition of knowing the advertising mail, users will click on you? Even if clicked, but open the "advertisement a mail, packed full of advertising messages, but also from different advertising, the user clicks on the probability your mail will


this time you should react to it, "with advertising message is open rate (lore reading rate), blocked exposure, from the source mailbox home to give you a drink on the head. If you don’t understand

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