Check Google, Ali and other God class enterprise domain Daguai articles

renamed China ( September 29th hearing, actually playing the game with like, there are a large number of people hope to "upgrade clearance" every day, there are many people playing all kinds of "the way the monster", died on the way, but there are a lot of people destroyed "ultimate BOSS successful clearance is regarded as" god". Such as Google, Amazon, Ali is regarded as God class enterprise is how to arm their domain name to Daguai


Google domain name journey

1998, Google won the $100 thousand investment was incorporated in California, from a garage on the road to start a business, because Google search engine can return relevant search results, with the function of out of the ordinary has begun to attract public attention, and because of the strong search engine than the opponent and get too much the Journal of science and technology attention and favor.

figure: Google

since then, Google has continued to grow in the direction of the world’s largest search engine, but also do not forget armed domain name. As early as Google incorporated, the two founders have been registered with the, and.Net/.org/.cn/ have won various suffixes, including kept back all the disputed domain name arbitration, a number of large. In order to enter China, Google also spent heavily to acquire a short domain name, although China is not successful expedition. In addition, Google took the high price of and and other brand domain names. Attention and protection of the domain name, but also allow Google in the customs clearance on the road to increase the force.

on Amazon protection of domain name

for an article about the future of business website, Geoff · Bezos started Amazon, because a list of products online sales prospects, Amazon is determined to "online bookstore" as the starting point of development. Set up after two months, the same is in the garage started Amazon’s weekly sales reached $20 thousand, and survived at the end of 90s the Internet bubble burst, but also to expand the business, to become the world’s B2C website big boss.

figure: Amazon

now, Amazon is no longer just an online mall, but also to the tablet, mobile phones and other fields. In the domain name protection, Amazon is not slack. In June this year, Amazon released the first smart mobile phone Fire Phone, was registered in more than and 200 broke the crazy mobile phone brand name.

again long ago, Amazon for the campaign of the country, not only enable the.Cn domain name, to protect the Pinyin domain name, but also with the same amount of money received by Google short domain name Although in China for ten years, Amason has been tepid, but also help out by >

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