A new round of social networking why so popular social strikes

a new round of social networking incoming

after the last round of the climax, social (full name Social Networking Services English, abbreviated as SNS) has become the focus of the Internet industry again. Whether it is the Internet giant, or small entrepreneurs, are eager to pay attention to this field. However, with the first round of leisure and entertainment based on different, this round of social unrest is characterized by the integration of e-commerce and other Internet services. To socialize as a feature, so that more practical and SNS tools, the industry has become a new direction of continuous exploration.

a new round of new social where

showed obvious trend of the two-way: on the one hand, in the other category of Internet companies have to enter the social product, on the other hand, social networking sites are "in 2011 began to expand to other related business category, Taobao must SNS". In the 2011 Annual Meeting of Taobao speech, Ma will be listed as Taobao’s social networking in 2011, the 5 must be the first. In fact, Taobao’s interest in SNS for a long time, as early as in 2009 when the social networking site launched a high social networking products, Amoy lake, then the Chinese YAHOO’s reputation network into Taobao. According to Ma’s plan, SNS let more people understand Taobao, Taobao, Taobao."

Baidu has also not given up efforts in social products. In addition to Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, search positioning for the social question and answer network platform "Baidu new knowledge" in June 8th this year on the line on Baidu hopes to build a society of high-end interactive quiz platform. Baidu sharing feature has been on-line test.

as a dominant position in the field of social dominance, Tencent also continue to force. July, the world’s popular social games, CityVille, the Chinese version of "Star City" beta officially landed Tencent open platform. The grand literature started with sina micro-blog cooperation, mutual binding between users, the cloud Bookstore readers can read experience, experience is forwarded to micro-blog, micro-blog share with friends, friends can also comment and sync to the cloud bookstore, realize the interactive reading process experience. This interaction – in the context of the promotion of the bibliography through social relationships, on the other hand, the opportunity to further expand the social relations through the bibliography, while expanding the size of the reading.

in the field of employment, professional social networking sites began to show a rapid growth trend. Data from the sky network shows that the current registered users has reached 6 million 500 thousand, new users per month by 250 thousand. For entrepreneurs, the community is also a full of opportunities in the field, innovative workshops to invest in the social question and answer website know almost, fire entrepreneurial team in the field of mobile social force. At the same time, into the bottleneck of the traditional social networking site is speeding up the pace of self evolution, actively looking for new business grafting point: watercress, Tianya launched a business called watercress and

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