Microsoft Palace MSN appeared in the history of the largest demolition of internet

A day before

, involving 30 million people "demolition" kicked off. This is a history of the largest demolition, although the number of people involved in the tens of millions, but there is little time left, from October to March next year, only 5 months. If the "nail households", or "all ashes to ashes".

however, a little peace of mind, this is one of the 30 million "demolition" does not happen in real life, but in the internet.

As the world’s most famous

IM software, Microsoft announced the day before MSN, will close the MSN blog (space) service, the final deadline is March 2011, before this, MSN users can log "move" to recommend the Microsoft website, we can find the place". However, Microsoft said in the notice, MSN draft log, themes, gadgets, guestbook and list will not be migrated. Although the MSN for their food, "funeral" but apparently did not consider the China user experience, because it is recommended by the website is a English website. According to incomplete statistics, Microsoft has 400 million MSN users in the world, while the proportion of MSN users to open the blog is about 7.5%, down, the global MSN users to open the blog has a huge amount of 30 million. From now on, the 30 million must be completed within six months of their online home relocation.


compared to domestic Tencent, Sina, Sohu, foreign Facebook, Twitter blog, MSN blog has many defects, such as slow speed, function and even less often not landing, but because James MSN im light MSN blog or has a considerable market share. In the Chinese market can be said to QQ. Moreover, Microsoft has also been strongly supported products. The Microsoft closed MSN blog, means that Microsoft on the future of this product is no longer hope, also marks a major setback for Microsoft to enter the Internet, and apple in stark contrast to global success.


in these years in the field of Internet force, can be said to be defeated, no contribution. In his side, Google, apple, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Hulu and other companies roared past. The public eye of Microsoft, is still nothing more than Windows, Office. Microsoft has invested heavily in recent years to launch the search engine Bing, since even the second camp do not get crowded.

In addition to the MSN

blog, MSN portal and its status in Yahoo China, in Chinese market there are a lot of little, no, the future is likely to step Yahoo China dust. However, the most worried about Chinese netizens is the MSN instant messaging function. It should be said, MSN’s blog can still move to Tencent, Sina >

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