News website Reddit valuation of more than $500 million worth of domain names

renamed China ( September 9th news, it is reported that the social news site Reddit intends to sell nearly 10% of the shares, after the completion of the transaction, the valuation of more than $500 million or Reddit. The value of domain name will also rise.

Reddit was founded in 2005, the site content for the user to see the news on the Internet or original content, in the form of a post, and in accordance with the user to determine whether to vote in the rankings on the home page. According to a 2013 survey report, Reddit users accounted for 6% of total U.S. people * *, and Tumblr par. According to the query "China whois information system, other suffixes are registered in Reddit

according to whois information, domain name registered in April 2005 last year, Reddit released statistics, in 2013 the number of PV Reddit was 56 billion, independent visitors up to 713 million. After the Alexa query, the domain name is the average daily PV (monthly average) of 615 million, the global site in January the average ranking of 46, Google PR was $8.

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