A lot of things do not know to do so

      a lot of things, do not know is not so difficult to imagine!

      3 months, my Google account at the end of October of $110. I am very happy.

      Web site to do a year after I had the courage to put Google Advertising, because do not understand Google before AD, it has not been done, one couldn’t help, to see how to: Google Advertising, in a forum, a global afternoon. Finally get the Google ad. To find a simple So that is what it is.

      although the number of clicks on the ads is good. The price is very low, 3 months, to $110.

      Google ad is just an add-on to my site. Site location is idle idle.

      so it’s important to do things. Did not find it difficult.

      now I want to make the website to be revised, financial exchange website style, although the profession is different, but I love that kind of big website look, how change, very worried, what procedures, image art, template selection, are considered in the.. A big investment. I think, do, it will not be difficult to find.

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