The underground network black industry chain why ordinary hackers can also earning 80000 dollars


[Abstract] the Ivy safety radar group the original compiler, the "Some hackers make more than, 000 a month – here’s how", ivy in the future will Lei Feng network exclusive readers about those little-known story of hackers and security defense.

The modern

like organized gangs, black production network now has been commercially very mature, hackers also have sophisticated industrial chain, every day in the global production of black network transfer of transaction volume in billions of dollars, the overall size is more difficult to estimate.

but the specific income every hacker? How hackers attack preparations? How they are internal transactions, and follow certain rules do not cross each other?

some security researchers have long been lurking in the underground black production network, close observation of the mode of operation –

although the disclosure is "the underground world of the moment, is not sufficient to describe the 1/10000", but as we reveal the real hackers steal money chain world use unscrupulous divisive tactics.

first of all, we should know about the Internet, part of a publicly accessible web site for information, as the sea under the iceberg, there is also a more massive, parallel network world non-public access mechanism — the dark net. Here is all the legal profits but strictly combat active trading of piracy, such as pornography, buy fierce, munitions, terrorists, including hackers.

into the hacker gathering underground trading ground

Privacy hacker forum

anonymous access is scattered in the dark network hacker trading field, once you are hacker circles or organization recognized, can find all kinds of illegal services into the dark network hacker forum, can make an ordinary hacker can quickly launch a network attack.


these forums can not search location, the need for a lot of authentication procedures and other hacker member guarantees. The picture above is a screenshot of a Russian hacker forum, you can see that hackers are selling a variety of malicious software, including Troy Trojans, botnets, etc..

hacker base equipment attack Toolkit (Exploit Kits)

Many components of the

Exploit Kits is like a Swiss knife integrated network attack is required, the large-scale network attack equipment, because greatly improves the success rate of attacks by hackers is becoming increasingly popular, not used before, the hacker success rate is 10%, may ascend to 40% after use.


so what exactly constitutes Exploit Kits?

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