Beijing industrial and commercial publishing third party merchants blacklist bad businesses will be

[Abstract] this move is a major measure of industrial and commercial regulatory authorities to combat online fakes, innovative regulatory approach.

Tencent Francisco September 23rd news, Tencent of science and technology today that will soon introduce a series of electronic business platform for third party merchants strict regulatory measures, which is the most innovative: business regulators will between the electronic business platform set up specifically for the third party business qualifications and credit management system, for infringement of intellectual property rights and the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy products and bad business responsibility, will risk warning on all platforms, the major electricity supplier platform strict access to its.

the above idea of this new regulation based on Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau within the jurisdiction of the Jingdong, including, Amazon, Gome online and other commercial enterprises issued the first "administrative proposal", Albert Peng Ying in Beijing International Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing GUANCHEN Hengye Trade Co. Ltd. and its legal representative of a public warning and the recommendations of electronic business platform strict examination and supervision of the qualification. According to the survey, the two companies had been suspected of selling infringing trademark rights in a number of online trading platform.

"administrative proposal" also announced the "Yingpeng Albert", "crown jewel sunny" executive information, namely: Beijing Yingpeng Albert international trade Limited Corporation Gao Peng (ID number 130602198110230917), the Qu Naili (ID number 370602196409140743); Beijing GUANCHEN Hengye Trade Co. Ltd. Corporation Liu Lingju (ID number 130602195510190922), the Zhu Ying (ID number 511025198006034864).

for industrial and commercial administration of Beijing, the major electricity supplier platform quickly made a positive response. senior vice president Liu Huipu said in an interview with reporters: for Beijing industry and Commerce announced the illegal enterprises and related responsible person, of the trading platform of the banned for life.

Liu Huipu also said: business regulators of this innovative regulatory measures, its greatest significance is that it will break the appliance business platform of third party business supervision of "information island" situation, to avoid a bad business on a platform of crime is taken and then fled to another platform the crime. from now on, will be timely informed of the information platform found illegal businesses to the business supervision department of the first time, other platforms will also be released on the business regulatory departments found illegal businesses that banned for life.

according to sources, the business sector for the first third party merchants business platform released risk warning, business regulatory authorities to combat cyber fakes, major initiatives and innovative regulatory approach, its purpose is to establish a set of specific network trading platform third party merchants online supervision system in the near future, core the idea of this system is "government leading, platform to participate in social governance.

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