Adsense network broadcast Sohu video trap prisoner dilemma Ali attempted TV screen

1, Sohu video trap prisoner dilemma: infighting continues to face being marginalized

retreat two years later came back to Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang can not help but sigh Internet arena changed sharply: Sohu matrix three core – tour, Sohu video, Sogou Video Industry is suffering serious challenges: Youku Tudou, PPS merged with Iqiyi, Sohu opened a small gap video search industry; out of 360, "let Sogou listed gloomy.

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2, where to cancel the price to elong compromise will resume cooperation

Because the current

where almost no cooperation with Ctrip, eLong should be its biggest partner, a parity search site if lost the largest OTA partners, it lost the price advantage, this is perhaps the reason is willing to compromise elong. Recently much OTA raise a Babel of criticism of (online travel provider) "off the shelf" melee with mango, eLong and where to resume cooperation temporarily come to an end.

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3, Ali plot TV screen: news that the system will push the box Ali products

in the mobile Internet rapid shot Alibaba is expanding layout: according to sources, Ali cloud plans to launch Internet set-top box products to seize the TV screen, but the emphasis and music as PPTV content is different, Ali "box" will focus on the system, the more hope that through multiple screens and opened the TV screen shopping.

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4, why the new version of the phone QQ will encounter so many questions

review: Apple store shelves of the latest mobile phone QQ2013 version 4, the largest since users encounter on the shelves has Tucao, only 4 days more than 38 thousand users of this version of the review, of which more than 90% for the poor, is a star for the purpose of evaluation, comments condemning, netizens dubbed mobile phone QQ has already become a second-hand WeChat".

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5, Jingdong in the six cities to push the delivery of 3 hours service >

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