CCTV push even two national team reached the big video website copyright chaos


CCTV network launched two new video site

November 26th morning news, recently also introduced two video sites, located in the online broadcast and users to share, these two sites have been low-key beta.

contact the Xinhua news agency, before the launch of TV and increase network video news, it is not difficult to see that the "national team" reached the private capital dominance of the video industry is a foregone conclusion.

CCTV aimed at the two models directed at PPS and Youku

It is reported that

, two video website of CCTV launched respectively "love grapefruit" ( and "love cuckoo" ( As early as the 13 day of this month, the independent network video channel has been quietly on the line. This half a month, users can register the "Grapefruit love" and "love cuckoo" trial licence (equivalent to the test account), ahead of the trial.

in fact, the two CCTV video brand, also directed the spearhead of two current mainstream model, one is the PPS based video broadcast on demand mode; the other is to and based video sharing mode.

, CCTV’s "love cuckoo" provides live online on-demand service, users can look back at the 7X24 hours of video services, providing full HD video. "Love grapefruit" is located in the users to share and search services, users can search and appreciate the creation, publishing, Internet video content.

analysts believe that the two big video website launched has covered the current mainstream video mode, obviously, interested in private capital dominance of the field of video share, this will bring more competition pressure on the current video website. And because of the strong traditional advertising resources advantages, CCTV is also bound to have access to advertisers favored video site caused great pressure.

in addition, the CCTV network itself is a copyright based news video site, and its model is not similar to the popular foreign This also means that the CCTV network will become the coverage of genuine content, on-demand, sharing and other video modes of Almighty video giant.

national team and the huge capital to compete for

in fact, in addition to CCTV network, the state media Xinhua News Agency recently launched its own brand of television stations, Xinhua also increased a large number of online video programs. At the same time, the capital of the field of video giants are ready to.

said yesterday that the news, Shanda, Shanghai, a wholly owned video site Cool 6 network, the official news will be open in the near future. Although this news has not been confirmed by both sides of the acquisition, but Tencent technology exclusively learned that mergers and acquisitions will be officially announced before November 28th.

if the news is true, it also means that the video site reshuffle officially exposed

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