Station three days of experience summary

      the article is stereotyped but it is the experience I have summed up these days.

      these days idle, follow the trend of a movie website, check the data behind the times began.

      after that, the search engine has not included, traffic can not come, very depressed (my site film is definitely not card, so still maintain a certain number of /100 members, can not improve).

      new station first to go to each search engine submission included (keyword must be better), after the completion of the collection began to promote, (don’t use self-help connection. Complete garbage flow) mutual brush does not make much sense. Alexa is just a statistic.

      Baidu post

      1: send some attractive posts. For example, playing $FFFFF will become a word and so on and then connected to their own website (


      2: thread. Look for some high posts. Thread reply – reply related content, try to browse more than 2000 of the amount of. Each post reply can bring at least 1 IP, new sites, do not care too much

    3: post. This is the best, first of all, the title of the post to be clear, to attract people. Appropriate time to go back to the top posts! This can bring you at least 20-50 IP. The next look at the content of your site is not to retain users. The best way to let you can give you the top, then the basic day could bring 200-500 IP


      Baidu know

        1: post questions according to the key words to ask questions. Once Baidu. Know the problem on the first page. And your best comment, must be the first one to see. Do a good job, the hot point of the word can bring 60-100 IP a day. (not more than 3 best answers per day)

      2: know the answer (replies to select content. For example, someone looking for free movies, then you directly reply to the address. The odds of 1/10 are not considered to be the best answer. The correct approach is to thread. I usually reply to the front of the site to write their own name and address, add a few movies such as XX online watch address. More popular search, know that the problem can be before the 10-20 IP

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