The death of an idealistic hacker the cold Wonderland and the end of the world



famous American hacker, RSS 1 specification makers, Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz

famous American hackers, RSS 1 standard setters, Reddit co-founder Aaron Sworth (Aaron Swartz) on Friday in New York’s home suicide, only 26 years old.


break the database two fame of young people, with the tragedy ended a short life painting. If the free flow of Internet information and sharing is the cold fairyland of hackers, so he in such a way to go to the end of the world, can not help but sadly sigh.


in the digital age

was born in 1986 he was famous, at the age of 14 to participate in the formulation of the RSS 1 specification. He studied at the Stanford University, but dropped out after 1 years, and founded the software company Infogami, won the support of the famous Silicon Valley incubator Y-Combinator. In the latter proposal, Infogami merged with Reddit in 2005.

2006, Reddit was sold to American media giant Kangtai Nast group, Swartz to the company under the "connection" magazine, but did not enjoy it. In January 2007, he was forced to resign, followed by a researcher at the Harvard University Edmond J. Safra ethics research center.

in addition, he is also the co-founder of Demand Progress organization. The organization is committed to promoting online action on social justice issues, such as blocking the Internet privacy protection legislation supported by Hollywood legislation.

Compared with

and Facebook founder Mark Zakberg, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Instagram founder Kevin Hiester Rom and other peers, Swartz entrepreneurial experience is not prominent. However, he had two things in the work of Yugan shaking heaven and earth as a whole, the hacker community idol, and by the British "Guardian" known as "Robinhood of the digital age".

a hacker’s idealism

Swartz creed: "information is power. However, as with all power, some hope that this kind of power." The free flow and sharing of information has become the goal of the young man in his short life.

developed the RSS standard, let PC users a new way of reading news, is the first step to achieve the ideal swartz. He then pushed many websites to share files for free to become heroes on the internet. But soon, the trouble came.

2008, Swartz eyeing.

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