Baidu to do the destruction of the ecological content!

      Baidu to do the content is not a secret, but the content is not large also several major portals for joint sniper, now according to sources, Baidu’s CMS system and other financial channels have been developed, is the internal test.

      Dr. Li Kaifu, in a video interview with CNET, Tencent, and techweb, said that Google would never hire an editor to do its own content because it would destroy the ecosystem! Yes, ecology!

      how important ecology is! The desertification of our country is becoming more and more serious, and the northern area is often disturbed by the sandstorm. The people of the world are setting off the upsurge of environmental protection. Our Internet is the earth of our IT people, is the place where we live, the ecological situation of our Internet

      determine the survival of our Internet people. Those who destroy the ecosystem should be punished!

      Chinese is Baidu Internet eco saboteurs! Google is now the world’s most valuable brand, most of its revenue from search engine advertising and advertising Adwords, which means that the value of the search has been sufficiently large profits. Google in the United States and the world do not have their own content, so Google is green. Google is not to do their own content, but AOL and other famous sites, to provide them with technology and advertising, so google    are  welcome. Google as the Internet’s largest enterprise is responsible for the Internet industry and responsible.

      in contrast, Baidu, Robin Li, Baidu has been advertised attention to search, but now face to do the content, which shows the following problems:

      first: Robin Li’s credibility problem. Robin Li is not a responsible person?! Baidu development in recent years, Robin Li has been touted their attention into Baidu search beam, this attitude so that the majority of Internet users more familiar. But today, Robin Li’s, Robin Li lied!

      second: Baidu has no confidence in its search engine. Google search engine can become the world’s most valuable brand, and Baidu to do content

      it is true that they have no confidence in their own search engine and market capacity, want to grab the brand advertising resources from the traditional portal. Google under the pressure of a series of high-level cooperation in China, Baidu may not be accompanied by the introduction of Union certification to retain

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