Content is king in the content of the nine rules of marketing (on)

editor’s note: in the content is king today, many companies have begun to invest a lot of time and resources to do content marketing, but the effect is often not satisfactory. How to do a good job of content marketing, content marketing website Coleman founder Contently share he summed up in the years of work experience in content marketing experience in this paper, which he will experience is divided into 9 rule, I hope to inspire do content marketing and content marketing practitioners.

content marketing site Contently was launched in 2010, when it was compared with some of the giants of the industry is also very humble. The new company is committed to helping customers better brand marketing by providing them with high quality marketing. At that time, Contently is one of the most important competitor is Demand Media, it does almost the same thing as Contently, so at the beginning, Contently development is very difficult. In 2011, Google launched the Panda search engine, a new algorithm of anti spam sites, Demand Media will suffer, because the purpose of Pando is to lower the quality content of the website ranking, which is the weakness of Demand Media. Contently is to achieve a rapid catch-up and beyond.

from the beginning, Contently suggested that its customers, in order to win in the long run, we must focus on the quality of marketing content. Recently, the word "marketing" seems very popular, many people talk about it, but the Contently CEO Joe Coreman found that for a long time, a lot of companies of different sizes (including Fortune 500) still do not know exactly what to write content marketing content, need marketing effectiveness monitoring index what is, what is the purpose of content marketing, many companies even spent a lot of money in the account is still no clear answers to these questions, which makes Coreman very obscure.

I found that people in the past on the content of the existence of cognitive bias is now slowly corrected. Do a lot of content marketing Brand Company has now learned to step back and ask yourself this question: "we get from the content marketing content marketing what? Our method is effective?" this is undoubtedly the content marketing practitioners have brought great challenges. Of course, this is a good thing.

want to do a good job of content marketing, and now can not write as casually as the content of the material began to do content marketing. Many people think of content marketing as an art, and now you want to be successful, you must master the art at the same time in a more scientific, data-driven approach to content marketing. Of course, the whole content marketing industry is not yet mature, but also the lack of

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