WeChat public platform quick start tutorial Part8 WeChat is a back-end service marketing tool

recently told me about some customers when WeChat marketing, the first one asked me a month can bring the number of fans, to tell the truth I will help you brush brush fans, you want to how much I can give you a brush, but WeChat is not the micro-blog, micro-blog brush fans although there is not much marketing effect, but at least you can show the customer to see the number of fans to get their sense of honor. WeChat brush fans only look, but also face every day what is the significance of a lot of stiff silk powder? There are a lot of WeChat public account number of fans is not more than 1000, but has been able to achieve performance improvement about 10%-30%, so we have to do is accurate, rather than the pursuit of the number of fans, WeChat aims to provide marketing accurate customer service for.

this article in addition to correct views on the number of fans, but also hope you correct definition of WeChat public account marketing, because WeChat public platform itself is not to provide any official communication channels, and can not take the initiative to add users WeChat account, to promote the enterprises rely on their own to find other channels to promote. For example, leaflets, X frame, outdoor advertising, television, magazines, websites, etc. micro-blog WeChat two-dimensional code promotion, let the target customers take the initiative to add you.

so WeChat is not a front-end marketing tool, but the back-end customer service marketing platform, it is the first fish around fishing almost, when your promotion to attract customers attention, and then to the customer for the depth marketing. Here that marketing is not advertising bombardment, but making interactive content and value related to company business or meaningful to customers, customers get their needs through things, and slowly into the enterprise’s products and services.

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online revealed WeChat 5 screenshots, the list of enterprises, the new version of WeChat and subscriptions are indented corresponding to the inside, and no longer ordinary users together, do so for users is a good thing, otherwise every day to see a lot of red dots that you have new information really annoying, but it is easy to miss a friend sent information, but it also greatly weakened the value of WeChat group, this also shows that WeChat is the team would like to clear that WeChat is a communication platform rather than marketing platform.

in the homogenization of the product over time, service differentiation has become the best competitive, like I have a friend who works in a car audio company, the company’s products and other companies, there is not much difference, but their companies have launched specifically for the dealer service training school, provide training and assembly of car audio network marketing training courses for dealers, distributors to join in product service can also learn car audio assembly and the network marketing knowledge is free, let dealers feel that this brand can get more added value, so one after another, more and more dealers to join their brand. Now they are planning through the WeChat public platform to provide training and experience sharing service, if the number of public works well, not only can aggregate their customers will be peer recommendation spread more depth, this is the best WeChat marketing.

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