Marketing forum posts.

we all know, online marketing is not just SEO, to promote the site, community marketing is essential. All were removed from the post on the forum is an important form of community marketing strategy, here’s.

forum posting

we should make clear the purpose of posting, the most basic purpose is to attract people’s attention, get traffic. But this is precisely the most difficult to do the work. More and more in the pursuit of personalized network, want to publish an article can cause most people interested in speech is not easy, but in the individual special needs of today, we must promptly grasp the universal implication of the particularity between.



everyone has curiosity, especially for new things. This is a major characteristic of domestic users, because busy does not see more, so Beijing people love to watch, to see that this novel. In Beijing, the morning newspaper what the best selling JINGWAH times?! why? Because JINGWAH is the highlight of this times " new " two words, many of the messages are very attractive Beijing anecdotes. So we post to do new, at least to attract Beijing netizens, but fortunately, many Internet users in Beijing or.

2 gossip psychology

to say now what the Internet is the most attractive, beauty and entertainment, beauty is why I do not say, this is the typical embodiment of curiosity (beauty is always strange for men); entertainment and gossip is usually paired the current users and their attention to the entertainment life of people said not to say, want to see the stars of the secret, pornographic examples tell us that the common concern of Internet users is much higher than the secret concern about the incident itself. So in order to make their posts get more attention, add some secret makes you more with less.

3 event psychology

by " " Carrefour incident; we will be surprised to find that events fast spread wide, influence are far beyond our imagination. Thus, the event marketing or marketing occasion has become the most efficient and time-saving way of marketing, which is the integration of the highest level of marketing, event we will be free of information carrier, make good use of the popular 1/n events, you can make your posts a popular

hold the three points, grasp the majority of users’ psychology and make good use of these strategies, it is equal to the post to the most interesting place! It is 42 pounds, a top


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