Baidu takeaway financing $500 million to focus on the completion of the expansion of logistics categ

sina science and technology news December 29th afternoon news, today there is news that Baidu takeaway B round of financing to raise 3 to $500 million, Baidu takeaway this round of financing from the start in November, will be completed in January 2016. Baidu official declined to comment.

Baidu takeaway financing news from the exposure of the financing plan. Baidu financing plan shows that Baidu is expected to take Platform 2015 overall turnover of more than 8 billion, while the 2016 target is a turnover of more than 25 billion single, 1 million single daily orders, delivery staff to send a single daily 20 single; 40% for financing platform construction, 20% for product research and development, 20% for the expansion of the category, 20% for market promotion.


plan also shows that the current Baidu takeaway delivery personnel more than 19 thousand single month, the average daily amount of a single in June to October, remained at 16-18, the average delivery time in October dropped to 37 minutes. User data, as of October, Baidu takeaway has covered 109 cities, the number of users of 16 million, mobile terminal monthly active users by 11 million.

merchant, Baidu takeaway in October this year there have been 187 thousand merchants settled, of which 6%, 1.1 million households focused businesses (KA business), the contribution of the 18% water platform. Cooperation in the 187 thousand merchants, 42% of businesses using Baidu takeaway platform logistics.

Baidu takeaway stressed that the large data capacity in the financing plan, said in the end users and businesses to take the fine grading, subsidies and anti cheating supervision means, in logistics is the use of big data and subsidy policy development, Baidu map of the geographical position of the entrance push and data analysis based on the emphasize.

takeaway crazy burn subsidies, the specific amount of the financing plan of Baidu did not give subsidies, but said that through Baidu’s deep learning technology ability, the future implementation of automatic subsidies.

Baidu takeaway hope to focus on the future of the target population of 75 million urban white-collar workers, and logistics category will be extended to fresh, alcohol, chemical and maternal. The target number of 500 thousand businesses, including agents, the third party logistics system and the logistics package, delivery team to reach 100 thousand level. (Li Gen)

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