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In the process of

to provide Internet marketing services, we found that many enterprise network marketing departments corresponding responsibilities and job requirements are not allowed to hold, and the monitoring department is difficult to work effectively. The effect of the enterprise’s network marketing can not play to maximize, to a certain extent, the control of personnel is not in place. Basically speaking, the network marketing department, such as the operation manager, operations specialist, network editor, SEO Commissioner, website promotion, network marketing copywriter planning, web programmers, web site and other basic positions. Of course, each enterprise according to their different needs and the company’s internal management mechanism can be corresponding increase or decrease. The following network marketing job responsibilities and job requirements are summarized below for your reference.

job title: Network Marketing Manager / Operations Manager

Job Description:

is responsible for the overall operation of the Department, site planning, marketing planning, website content, promotion planning and other business guidance and departmental staff guidance, supervision, management, assessment.

job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the overall planning of the network marketing, strategic planning, business planning and supervision of the whole process of control, the Department’s performance objectives to achieve the total responsibility;

2, responsible for the planning and supervision of the implementation of the site platform;

3, responsible for website product copy, brand copy, information content, content, such as the writing of the guidance and supervision of the implementation of

4, responsible for website promotion strategy, and the implementation of the guidance and supervision and management;

5, responsible for website data analysis, operation promotion;

6, responsible for the establishment of the Department of planning, staff recruitment, assessment, management, departmental planning, summary.

job requirements:

1, more than 5 years of e-commerce / network marketing experience, more than 3 years project planning, operation experience;

2, with project management, marketing planning, brand planning, network marketing and other systems of theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience;

3, outstanding e-commerce network marketing / project planning operation ability, familiar with the network culture and the characteristic, have practical experience of a variety of network marketing tools;

4, excellent strategic thinking and creative ability to diverge, with solid planning skills;

5, excellent writing ability, can write a variety of programs, copy;

6, the whole process of network marketing business has the planning, operation, control, implementation capacity;

7, rich management experience, excellent team management skills.

job title: network marketing operations specialist

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