16 network marketing moves and master in the YY million people meeting to share

when we visit the QQ space yesterday evening, I saw about the stator: dynamic. The content is probably a YY million Internet Conference activities, there will be 8 expert for dry cargo sharing. At that time no matter what, then open the YY into the specified channel. The master teacher began to share, on the screen Title: network marketing 199 trick cheats, to last a total of about 16 moves, the master teacher of this trick is really high!


then, I’ll take these with their own memory contents probably sorted out, for everyone to share, the middle part might not want to record, the details of the master teacher can go to room to see QQ.

first recruit: Alliance marketing

for example: like the million YY Internet Conference sharing activities, a total of 8 guests, each guest has its own influence in their respective fields, as long as you are willing to share, then everyone will get more people’s attention. This approach is mainly involved in playing with it, after all, a person’s energy is limited.

second strokes: since the media marketing

we all know that now is the era of mobile Internet, a variety of data show that increasingly mobile terminal. Now is to share the original content based era. Like YY anchor, sing it, Sina, micro-blog, blog and so on, are their own original content, and then spread out, so that more people know you, so slowly get development.

The third measure: Journal of marketing

if you want to do from the media, then it might as well to contribute. Whether you get soft, products, or website, are not beginning to pay attention to what people like, this time can go to the industry forum, Lou loose blog, today’s headlines from the media, the Sohu and so on to get a platform to contribute, exposure and display in the corresponding platform.

fourth strokes: interactive marketing

this way we should also see a lot more, is to find you with the same grade or fame almost to push each other. A person you always have that 100 friends circle, like what relatives, classmates, friends, colleagues and so on, there are so many people, you can find the same level people can push each other, based on micro-blog QQ, WeChat space, the way slowly account to do it, the accumulation of silk powder.

fifth recruit: QQ group marketing

can open the members of QQ, QQ group. Because this way is free of cost, group is more people of course better, when buildings added to your keywords, such as selling the bird’s nest, built the owner of the Audi group, golf and other high quality group. People often buy things on Taobao, the search will be later, click on the popularity of the number of comments or what sort of choice. So in the QQ group, the same applies, you can also click on the number of activities to sort. Just.

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