Jiang Likun network marketing to enhance the income of the law

in the workplace, we must have seen such a strange phenomenon: some people are very good, but it can not find a job, but also the position and salary is not always go. While some people ability is very general, but never worry about work, and even income positions are very high, this is why? This question I’m often asked, like the first two days, there is a friend let me give his friend, and his friend, the work has been 3 years, but or worry, but less than three thousand yuan a month. What are the factors that determine the income?

wrote the network marketing experience so much today, jianglikun come and we talk about something that in the workplace, after all we learn marketing knowledge, the final purpose is to enhance the income.

a resume

first correct a misunderstanding, a lot of people think that they can not find a job or wages, because the ability is not. In fact, because we want to ah, we find a job, the first is to vote resume, followed by interviews. In this process, it is impossible for others to know at once how high and how much experience you have. And after the end of the resume, the other party can interview you, equal to the initial recognition of your ability and experience. Therefore, the most basic and most important factor in determining the income of two factors is to resume and interview.

said here a real example, one night a few months ago, a friend, a student early is also a push Network Marketing Institute I came to me and said he had quit the job for a job. But he has sent a lot of resumes, but no one gave him an interview. Do not know why, I hope to help him analyze the reasons for the analysis. Here a brief introduction about the background of friends: the friend is currently in the network promotion, have visibility and influence is not small, but the experience and ability is certainly not to say, but can not find a job, it is justified.

my first reaction is a resume problem, to his resume, found that the problem is where. And then he exchanged resume writing, and gave him some specific comments. Three days later, he told me that the work has been set up in a company to do operations director. After the original change his resume, he immediately sent to the nearest less than one, the results of the day received an interview notice, direct interview success. He has been working in this company for nearly half a year, the results are very good, the boss is also very satisfied.

about the skills and rules of the resume a lot of, pick a few key simple:

to large companies to resume, everything should be written around the job. Because the big companies like to use professionals, such as the recruitment of an advertising staff, they hope that the previous work is all about advertising, without the need for any planning, operations, programming experience. The content of your resume should be shorter, one or two page is enough, the key is to show you the highlights, in the text under the time, every word should be the essence. Because big companies receive

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