Uncover the mysterious veil of circle marketing

in the social life of the Chinese people, "circle" is a very important words, large enterprises, social circles, small to small circles in the unit, everywhere in the circle. And everyone is a circle of people, no circle of life seems unimaginable. But just because of the "Like attracts like. circle phenomenon, and the Chinese Birds of a feather flock together." consumer distribution in different circles and became a circle, but also because of people inside the circle have certain homogeneity, or common interests, or common interests or common taste, or a common goal.

(a popular workplace novel in 2006 "circle trap")

Chinese circle today also changed a lot, especially when the super girls that allow civilians overnight become a star and the public can participate in the entertainment circle, there are a lot of rich connotation, the past "fans" "fans" is not so profound meaning, and now these stars "fans" has become a time of popular words, and this kind of circle has begun all kinds of behavior of the star to imitate, even wearing a star what clothes, what brand of cosmetics will be the small circle of people go crazy to follow. This seems to be very irrational or short-term behavior, marketing for the enterprise has a reference.

first, a company’s brand and products target groups, it is a "circle" of the crowd, but sometimes the circle is true, sometimes the circle is virtual, such as outdoor tourism and sports equipment is a group of large target groups of those kinds of mountaineering groups, associations, will "tour pal" and other organizations, therefore, the enterprise should not only study customers, also need to focus on the customer’s circle, to find the target customer groups to survive all kinds of circles, you can find good information communication and marketing channels for marketing by interaction between circle.

then, a circle because of similarities in preference, interest and other aspects, also affect their choice in the brand, a homogeneous consumer behavior, such as entrepreneurs together in a circle, for some high-end leisure activities, high-end brands will have a common preference. Mining and understanding of the circle of these people’s preferences can be better on the product and brand appeal point positioning.

once again, the circle of opinion for consumers inside and outside the circle of influence is huge. Now many people want to buy a product, will collect information on the Internet, many consumers will go to various forums for others use feeling, therefore, established by the users themselves BBS became the aggregation point of these information, and this information not only for the influence of circles great for target customers outside the circle of influence is enormous, such as Soufangwang some property owners for real estate comments, has almost become one of the important factors affecting other people purchase decision. And the development of a variety of community website forum website >

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