How to use the site to free shopping and profit

this title, the main expression of two meanings, one is free to buy, one is able to profit.

is the current electricity supplier competition is all kinds of, all kinds of marketing patterns emerge in an endless stream, from time immemorial, electric business rumors, Taobao shop, must first brush reputation, however, Taobao once again monitoring and blocked, making all kinds of brush credit behavior in an embarrassing situation, one is worried about being cheated nowhere rights, after all the behavior itself is illegal behavior, on the other hand, also worried about Taobao’s official store found itself had a bad record, which is down right or even closed shop.

so, there are always some people who can help people in need to solve the problem, so that the trial site, has become a new brush reputation platform.


first, we first analyze the meaning of its existence, that is, product value.

user value

the user, mainly refers to the buyers, hoping to get a free trial of the buyers, for them, the value of the platform is very simple, is free to buy things, to "trial" in the name to buy free goods, who is not cheap!

merchant value

for businesses, need to pay nine in ten, is commodity, long-term backlog of inventory of goods, may not clear, will be broken, and the impact of liquidity, even will occupy a lot of inventory and storage expenses, and when the user will have a successful purchase, sales promotion, and increase the rate of praise.

Taobao customer value

this, in essence, is not recommended by the platform model, because you use this mode of operation Taobao off, for the platform does not have any benefits, so the platform to prohibit the purchase by Taobao customers.

, however, if from the merchant’s point of view, although a number of commissions to spend more, but you not only brush Taobao’s reputation and sales of goods, but also can brush out the credibility of Taobao customers.

long term operation of Taobao guest friends should know that when the promotion of goods, for the selection of goods, are spending 30 days in accordance with the Commission, or the 30 day sales volume to sort, then, if Taobao can increase customer spending for Taobao customers after the Commission, recruitment and promotion, are of great help.

if you use Taobao off, then, it can be said, not only free access to the goods, but also get the Commission of the Taobao alliance, which is why the said profit".

in fact, if you have the energy, can own the operation of such a platform, and is not only can achieve economic benefits, at the same time, also can accumulate more database, including both merchants and buyers of Taobao database.

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