Analysis 28 push to attract new network promotion of the five factors

Mou Changqing with 28 disciples to create a forum to push the 28, this time in the industry that is a household name. From November 11th 12 at noon on the line, to the press time, membership reached more than 11700, more than 129 thousand of total posts, the daily average of more than 5 thousand and 600 new posts, and such "high fever" has been sustained, such brilliant achievements, the forum can do not much, even the year of the A5, the laggards are unable to match! And in the 11435 to have more than half of the members belong to the network novice, active in each section between. What are the reasons to attract a large number of new network, the author briefly analyzes the reasons for the five, the following list:

a, celebrity charm, full of temptation

Mou Changqing in the industry’s visibility as we all know, look at the basic introduction of Mou Changqing in Baidu Encyclopedia: in Beijing Chongqing (pen name: mcq0544) from access to the Internet has been doing is network promotion work, had a personal website, have more than five years of experience in network promotion, personal good at data analysis and site traffic promotion. DONEWS columnist, iResearch expert column. Good at Forum promotion, alliance promotion, flow exchange promotion, functional cooperation, SEO optimization and soft Wen promotion. In Qihoo, kuxun, eLong and other well-known Internet Co do network promotion and related work, now a well-known e-commerce site office. Read the introduction of the first feeling is: This is a cow. In addition the author thinks mouchangqing famous not only because he has the rich experience, more important is his share in his own write: network promotion blog for nearly 5 years, nearly 300 of the original article network promotion experience, help others at the same time, he also received a lot of happy. His share, to help others, but also to establish a personal brand, enhance their visibility, can be described as a win-win. And his brand awareness can be seen from the contribution of the 28 forum can be seen. His contribution value is 1906, but also on his invitation to the 1906 members, accounting for the total number of members of the forum is currently about 11435 to 2/10, can not help but admire. In addition to mouchangqing personal, like Guan Peng (IDC expert), Qiu Shida (senior expert Jia Sijun (SEO), network marketing consultant (SEO), expert Dai Renguang, the morning breeze and the lingering moon) (good at electronic commerce, customer promotion, Tang Boyang (Taobao), B2C is good at foreign trade promotion), Gao Kang (SEO expert, author SEO partner) industry Xiaoyouchengjiu masters. These people to join, making the 28 push the forum is more professional and authoritative, the temptation to promote a new network can imagine. And a person’s visibility, as well as the industry’s praise is a certain amount of time and effort, so not everyone can do.

two, section clear, reasonable allocation

28 has only nine sections: promotion Q & A, promotion communication, e-commerce, SEO optimization, lean marketing, link >

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