The ten most easily misspelled domain name wrong hands get mixed OO and TT


news July 27th, foreign media news, recently, the overseas market to sort out the ten misspelled domain name, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and other famous sites are on the list, is most easily misspelled ten domain name list first.


social networking site a social model of good grades in the industry, the rapid development of overseas social field and has the most users, has become the most easily misspelled domain names, the main reason is that the user will often enter a letter "O" as, the ratio of input error domain as high as 9%, so high the ratio is that their numbers.

search engine


domain to input error rate of 3.3% in the second, it is interesting that Google often missed letters, users often will the wrong input into and, Google is the world’s largest number of users, but the error rate is lower than that of, the main reason is that the majority of users to Google search box or input only search directly in the address bar through, rather than enter the domain name in the address bar.

video site

In addition to the

input error rate of 3.3% (discount rate) third is easy to be wrong enter the domain name, the name is easy to be user multiple input and missing letters, such as the wrong will be input into and, a good reputation in the overseas video industry, with the number of users more than

social another platform

fourth list is, the input error rate of 1.1%, the domain name is often wrong users into and, the social networking platform in overseas is also very well-known, the domain name is the input error phenomenon is inevitable, domain name registration in 2000, has 11 years of registration time.

Google mailbox

Google launched in 2004 for the e-mail service platform, the domain name is often lost, the input error rate of 1.1%, users will often be the letter "g" omitted "

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