Online music copyright normalization, profit bottlenecks

in July this year, the State Copyright Bureau issued "on the ordered online music service providers to stop without notice" authorized music dissemination, ordered major network music platform in July 31st before the music without authorization and give the total line, in the transition period of 2-3 months, now has three months to transition already, unauthorized music time has come; and not long ago, the Ministry of Culture issued the "notice" on Further Strengthening and improving the network music content management, which means that from next year, network music need to review to the on-line. With the standardization of the Internet music platform, how to make money online music?

copyright normalization, online music form two patterns

in recent years, the rapid development of the Internet, the traditional record companies increasingly depressed, and has been subject to the impact of online music; nevertheless, online music has been because of piracy events caused by internet music copyright market chaos. On the one hand is the copyright dispute between the network music platform, whether it is the copyright disputes between the NetEase and the QQ music, cool dog music or music, Ali sued cool dog music; in addition, a large number of pirated music network, let the music practitioners is difficult to get due rewards, from a certain extent hindered the creation of musical works, data show that in the extrusion of pirated products, music copyright income in our country only accounted for the entire annual output of about 2%, significantly lower than the United States and europe.

with genuine era, network music began to gradually move toward standardization, charging, in other words, all the songs you might have in your mobile phone on the QQ music, cool music, cool dog, could not find all you want to hear, you may also listen to Jay’s song QQ music now, the next song NetEase will switch cloud music song of Faye Wong… With the music CEO Ali Song Ke’s words, the future users only need to download two APP, can meet all the needs of music, at this stage, it may be necessary to double the music APP.

released "in the State Copyright Bureau ordered after the platform or have the hand of cooperation, or exclusive solo. At present, the online music market has formed a "Tencent" and "Ali" two patterns.

October 13th, QQ NetEase announced a cloud of music and music cooperation, cooperation is the way to turn the music copyright authorization form, by the success of the "mutual tear" to "hand in hand"; then QQ music and sea music under the cool dog and a cool music copyright authorization mutual cooperation, then the Tencent’s Department online the music will include the QQ music NetEase, cloud music, cool dog music and cool music camp, Music Department of the Tencent strong; compared to the "heating", Ali music continues to consist of small shrimp music and everyday sounds Ali music exclusive single fly.

in the "Tencent" and "Ali" two pattern, "Tencent" in addition to QQ, SONY, Warner Music has exclusive rights such as letters, also with the hand sea music also has a well-known music music seed company authorized; and "Ali" of course "

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