Teach you a few strokes easy to get rid of the campus WeChat platform promotion

campus market is always an outdated market, regardless of the former campus network, or later in the curriculum, fought the exploration of campus business model, this paper focuses on the campus of WeChat public promotion platform. Before doing this we need to set up an outline:


1 target user

campus public face is the number of students in the school (the main user), part of the graduates (potential users), part of the upcoming students (new users).

we analyze the characteristics of three types of users

a) students: the base is large, belonging to the God level of the user, God wants what, we will give what (services and graphic main assessment criteria). Demand side is very wide, in the spirit of the doctrine, we want to learn from other institutions of public good quality. (see location)

b) part of the graduates: why is the potential users, graduates from their own number to the public service function of demand is not big, but its characteristics are: 1 nostalgia (at some point to his alma mater; 2 sensitive news) not bad money (campus souvenirs of the consumers?)

C is about to enter the new students: school students go to the old new, they are the number one source of continuous stream of users. Grasp the entrance, it will grasp the source of stability. Features: 1 easy to trust (; 2 to help guide First impressions are strongest) (point


2 positioning

positioning is the goal, there is a goal you can break down the target, in order to develop a phased implementation of the task.

There are many kinds of

goals, providing services, providing information, and even social networking platform. For now, the first two kinds of low cost, quick results.

3 basic settings

a) head: the point is to pay attention to the public number is a detailed page, the list page is square.

b) features: there are two versions of

1) official expression, such as: XX University official WeChat (not recommended for official)

2) direct that you offer, such as: to build the studio XX XX platform, mainly for students to provide takeaway, event planning, etc. (group purchase multiple functions so written, domineering)

3) simple taste, such as: to be useful to the people — from mentees "sail to seniors (recommended, helps to create the image, see advanced)

C) attention to the guide language: it is very important, the equivalent of the use of the manual, said more than you understand what to do, the information is still finishing, over time

4 service function:

this, there have been a lot of quality of the campus public number predecessors pave the way for us, Deng grandpa said, to seek truth from facts, better

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