Seal domain network enable the creative construction of cross-border electronic business p

renamed China ( February 26th news, recently, seal net cross-border electronic business platform enabled creative domain name on the line, the domain name price 150 thousand yuan.


: seal


domain of can be regarded as the "Hi" + "Gou" combination of creative domain, can be translated as "Hi sea purchase, purchase, seal and other means, to build overseas purchasing business platform is very suitable. Through the "China whois information query, domain name registration in 2008, the current registered information display Ningbo hi purchase Internet technology co.. It is reported that the seal is an import commodity sale site, shipped directly from the domestic bonded area, safe and fast.

it is understood that the domain name in the middle of last month by the Ningbo hi purchase Internet Technology Co. bought the company, said the transaction price is 150 thousand yuan, at the time that there is speculation that the domain name may be used to build a related cross-border electricity supplier and the sea Amoy project. In addition, enable the creation of such creative domain name as well as the official website of Hunan TV network enabled

in recent years, the overseas purchasing website is in the ascendant, one after another, related to the sea Amoy class domain name is also popular concern, prices continue to rise. The cross-border electricity supplier website in addition to enable those with obvious love "sea Amoy, ocean," the words of the domain name, such as jinhaimi global purchase cost 7 digit enabled to buy, Hangzhou XiPai commerce limited to about 768 thousand yuan to buy "foreign buy" domain name


platform will also enable the use of cross-border electricity supplier in the relatively broad domain name, domain name such as fruit, animal, NetEase to enable "koala" Larry domain "koala sea purchase, had high transaction" Honey Amoy brand Larry domain (peach), honey Amoy official domain name enabled In addition, one of the first simple letter domain name is also the electricity supplier website, such as SF SF enabled sea Amoy 4 letter domain name

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