P2P how to conduct emotional marketing

Abstract: what is the feeling of marketing, I think is to find, discover, remind, others concerned, induced demand, interest, pain, cut in.


chance in a financial community to see a main question: P2P how to do marketing? I have a deep feeling, then talk about their own views, hope that we can communicate with more and better ideas.

first of all we have to know about what is called emotional marketing: emotional marketing is the consumer demand and personal feelings differences as the enterprise brand marketing strategy of emotional marketing core, by means of emotional packaging, emotion promotion, advertising, emotional feelings, emotional design and strategies to achieve business objectives.

so emotional marketing should be present in each Internet Co in every operator must consider or must be put into action the problem. Why say so, the main reason is reflected in the following aspects:

1, third generation investment users will in 80, 90 force. This group of people because of the experience of the Internet since 2000, the impact of thinking, resulting in a variety of life demands.

2, based on hobbies, such groups of people to conduct automatic clustering behavior. For example: love travel, love sports, such as a series of ethnic groups.

3, distinctive personality, curious new things, emotional stronger than reason.

4, easy to be fooled, since they think they are a small fresh, small literature, feelings heavy. "The speed and passion to create 7" box office myth, not all is because of the death of Paul Paul’s death, instead just let the whole movie just icing on the cake, beach, bikinis, beauty, racing, high-end consumer area, these will undoubtedly not all point to one thing — the youth. After I watched the movie out of the theater, roar around the cars also let me deeply moved, they use their own actions to youth. So the feelings of this group is the easiest place to attract, the more the platform will flicker, we will believe.

5, there is no independent opinion, although all aspects of personality are distinct, but there is a cheap heart. In this impetuous era, this group is very easy to be attracted to this thing – the concept, is a professional concept of immortality is a master, a series of ecosystem concepts, play you really believe in god. Whether it is good or bad, at least in my opinion it is the big winner.

is easy to attract a lot of investors concept, the reason is to hold the mentality of adventure, more concepts, they think the boss will play, with cattle, he can make money. The typical star effect, so many platforms on the launch of what P2B P2C, P2G, P2xxxxxxxx and so on, the concept of playing awfully, and they are cheap by others play more happy. "Small woman eighteen years young, as the wind >

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