From the perspective of cross-border electricity supplier Ali and Amazon ecological game

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China "double 11" just after the "black five" again, this year the two shopping Carnival Ali and Amazon’s "slight collision" may become a global business important turning point, because from this moment, the two who wins the merits. Finally, the virtual world is not against parallel, but the same dimension of the total war.


family Carnival to squeeze bad shopping "black Friday" is still unfamiliar to Chinese people, like the global consumers from this year to Chinese Ali after the listing alone Carnival silently want to chop hands "double 11". But recently, Amazon announced the "black five" version of online shopping this new shopping Carnival in Europe and the United States to Chinese four points in the afternoon of November 28th, Amazon’s China overseas purchase section on Amazon American synchronization on "black Friday" promotions, consumers will be able to use China Chinese using the Amazon site to buy goods, at the same time enjoy the relative convenient delivery and provides local customer service service China amazon.

this means that Amazon wants to use this crazy growth of cross-border electricity supplier certailnly "astepping-stone to success", once again knocking on the Chinese consumer market will Chinese consumers back into the door to the Amazon in the world to establish the ecological electricity supplier.

in fact, before the sea purchased "black five promotion, the basic realization of the" internationalization colonial unification "of the Amazon began to try the new" going out "strategy in Chinese, the introduction of foreign goods into the Chinese as an important strategy for a business career. Amazon Chinese in the second half of 2014 the new president Ge Daoyuan, the line between the main commodities overseas; announced in August 19th four international brands launched in August 20th and the Shanghai Museum; FTA reached cooperation in cross-border links platform; in October 29th the United States, Germany, Spain, Amazon France, Britain and Italy website China direct mail service; Amazon in November 11th China overseas purchase online, from the hope that the "double 11" international shopping area share.

and Ali’s internationalization is based on different businesses and consumer groups to establish a different platform to come in and out of the dual strategic layout.

said Ali’s coming layout. Its cross-border electricity supplier business is divided into: Tmall international, Taobao global purchase and a scouring network. In the opinion of the electricity supplier Jun, Tmall international will be in addition to the Amazon China overseas purchase, the main business platform for future domestic consumers can buy global commodity, its businesses including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Italy, Germany and other retailers and brands. However, although Ali officially announced that the Tmall international in more than and 20 countries overseas businessmen settled, but the quantity and quality of goods is far less than the Amazon, its only advantage is due to domestic cross-border electricity import bonded mode open, cooperation and free trade zone can enjoy Tmall international goods clearance convenience, and low tax concessions. However, it is worth mentioning that, Tmall

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