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1: in case of trouble or young users love affair of trapped enemy lost


family was dubbed "Quora China" aura, little promotion but has won the word-of-mouth social quiz website, in the rapid development of one and a half years later, in the growing pains of a domestic trouble and foreign invasion; operation ability is an excellent team, but still hides the development dilemma inherent. This is the environment that the network is currently facing.


know in case of trouble: young users of love affair trapped the enemy lost

2 Crazy "Taobao stars": is the leader of the beautiful, or push


a few days ago, a Taobao store opened sister paper friends, let me use micro-blog to help her push the new clothes. Turn the micro-blog, just a few words, she complained to me, now use micro-blog to push the effect of Taobao is not good, conversion rate is very low. I asked her what to promote good, she said she had used the network reds. I said the network reds, is micro-blog Reds. She said no, in addition to micro-blog, as well as blog, beauty, said mogujie.com, together with a number of platforms. I asked her for a network Reds expensive? Effect Zeyang? She said 800, but did not intend to good effect. She said to good effect, to find a high popularity of the network reds, heard a man named @ energy-saving network reds, as long as she goes through the clothes, can dally one day be able to sell, sell hundreds of sets.


crazy "Taobao stars": is the leader of the beautiful, or push


3 vertical B2C dilemma bee: no longer entangled with the star as the center


" is a reference to electricity supplier Sina Technology launched a focus on the electricity supplier industry, the focus of enterprise, focus focus section, hope that through the depth interpretation of the current development strategy, business enterprise management mode and development direction of the electricity supplier industry situation and breakthrough on the road.


vertical B2C dilemma bee: no longer entangled with the star as the center

4.Realtime real time network: the new era of the Internet is coming

Tencent Francisco Beijing on August 8th news, the U.S. technology blog site TechCrunch recently published article said, Realtime has received a $100 million financing, the company is planning to build a real-time network, is currently preparing to release its developer platform in the United states. The article pointed out that this means that a new era of the Internet is coming, or it can be said that web 3 era will come, the future will have a real impact on many companies.



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