llegal suction gold 2 billion 600 million giant Xin 13 people jailed

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was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 10 to 500 thousand different "joint to join the program as the basis, Beijing Ju Xin surplus Electronics Co., Ltd. legal representative, chairman and President of 13 people, in just two years time, under the guise of selling goods can get high returns, illegal absorption of more than 4 funds a total of 26 million yuan. Yesterday, the Beijing second intermediate people’s Court of First Instance sentenced to two and a half years of imprisonment for the defendant to be sentenced to imprisonment of not less than 10, and impose a fine ranging from 100 thousand to 500 thousand yuan.

was convicted of illegally absorbing public deposits

examined, August 2006, Xiao Zhangding in Zhejiang Quzhou wulaoqi products company, designed a set of consumer goods company, the company within a certain time limit consumer rebate shopping rebate business model, the company when he was a lecturer Zhu Zijun. In March 2007, Xiao Ming was convicted of illegal business crimes, fraud was sentenced. In 2009, Zhu Zijun in the "shopping rebate" mode of operation, the creation of a joint to join the program "mode of operation, and relying on the giant Xin surplus company implemented. After Xiao Zhangding was released from prison, joined the giant Xin union surplus company, and actively cooperate with the United States on the joint program to promote the promotion of Zhu Zijun.

from December 2009 to May 2012, Zhu Zijun, Xu Suning, Liu Jingchuan, Xiao Zhangding has collaborated with Zhang Tao, and gathered Ni Zhien et al., under the guise of the name of the sale of goods, through the network publicity, promotion and other ways to Ju Xin surplus company relies on the publicity to the community joint to join the program, through the preaching of giant Xin Ying’s past performance the increase in turnover ratio, simulation etc., to make the public think that joining Ju Xin surplus company, can get high returns by receive operating subsidies, investment subsidies, consulting fees, Elite Award, ranking award, disguised deposits from the public 26 more than 100 million yuan.

Zhu Zijun, the court held that, in violation of state law, to borrow the name of the sale of goods to absorb funds, disguised deposits from the public, undermine the financial management order, their behavior had constituted the crime of illegal deposits from the public, and a huge amount of crime, according to the law should be punished. According to the defendant’s role in joint crime and other sentencing circumstances.

court denied the allegations of corporate

It is reported that

, a registered capital of 20 million Yuan Ju Xin surplus company was founded in November 17, 2005, says the company is committed to create a set of hotels, catering, ticketing, tourism, leisure, entertainment, health, education, automotive, real estate, retail, e-commerce is a diversified and integrated service platform, involving nearly 200 products. However, after investigation, the company to promote nearly 200 products, in addition to Chery 3EV electric vehicles and the United States of the two health food, other products are not the name of the manufacturer and trademark.

investigation, Ju Xin surplus consumption platform company useless, its main business is to pull affiliate. The company has 45 thousand franchisees in the country, each franchisee to pay at least 30 thousand

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