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a man founded "energy-saving", spread more than 1200 article describing gay romance pornographic novels, "the creative team behind" is actually a group of 20 years old of girls, the youngest 17 years old. Yesterday, reporters from Zhengzhou city 27 District Procuratorate, the procuratorate prosecution, the webmaster Wang Ming by the court to the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials sentenced in one year and six months, and fined ten thousand yuan.

off a jurisprudence site,

A group of young writers


at the beginning of 2011, a company called "energy-saving" website attracted the attention of the police Zhengzhou, further investigation found that the police in the website published a number of gay love story description, identified as pornographic information.

January 5, 2011, the police will be lurking in the city of Zhengzhou, a family member of the hospital involved in the yellow end of the site, the site was arrested Wang Ming. This year 27 year old Wang Ming is Henan Lushan Mountain County, after graduating from college to Zhengzhou. At the end of 2008, he through the purchase of an American Internet company to space, to create a "energy-saving".

let the police accident, after investigation, the more than 30 people behind the creative team was actually a group of girls aged 20 years old, they are distributed in Guangzhou, Shanghai and other cities.

for circle writer dream,

The girl into a porn writer

According to Wang Ming

, to arrest, he has to remit 2000 yuan into the contract. According to some questioning author signed confession, their writing some a little reward, only tens of dollars. The rewards are not good, what drives these girls to create these erotic novels?

girl Meng Meng said, Danmei novels is very popular on the Internet, his free time is the reading of these novels to kill time, then try to write, write more on the website to find her contract, eventually became a "half occupation" contract.

also has the girl said, write BL novels is not paid more for the pursuit of individuality, circle their dream. Girl Ming Hui said, watching his work published on the Internet, read by many users, reproduced, she felt a sense of accomplishment.

According to

police said, these girls are usually parents and neighbors in the eyes of the "girl", babe, and some have not even emotional experience. (the characters are a pseudonym)

clues provided by Zhang Xiaojun Liu Pei

extension: Danmei word first refers to the United States for reference "all things, let a person look good to hear or see". Later, it gradually pointed to the description of men and women love anime or novel.

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