Discussion on ten kinds of soft writing skills

soft writing should consider the characteristics of the industry, product characteristics, consumer maturity, target consumer culture, regional culture and other factors. There are many forms and methods of writing on the introduction of 10 different characteristics, different forms of writing to deal with the soft, for your reference.

1, from

soft Wen is the main issue of the media is the newspaper, and the reader to buy newspapers in order to see the inside of the news, not a few people in order to see the ads and buy newspapers. If the soft Wen wrote like news, real ones, they can increase the probability and credibility be read. Try to use the same news as the tone of writing, such as a drug in the treatment of hypertension, its use is in the form of news text, text main title as "Henan discovered hundreds of years ago for the treatment of hypertension secret", subtitled "Henan province folk cultural heritage, court physician fourth generation son with this recipe soft article packed like news, will be deeply attracted attention of people and patients with hypertension news. But note that this is not written to deceive the reader, but should be based on facts, otherwise it will backfire.

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text content and the title is subversive, dull remarks died over, making new and sensational. Now the media spread, attention is a very easy thing, this method can effectively grasp the reader’s eye, but to grasp the sense of propriety, don’t let the readers have been fooled or swashbuckling feel. "1 billion 600 million of the people concerned, people can really ever-young?", "husband yesterday found my secret is using this form.



does not advertise their products directly obtained by consumer reviews, similar products of interest, leads to the advantages of their products, such as a new medicine for liver disease, no specific treatment: first the liver drug, talk has the advantage of easy to relapse, some of its own products, higher prices of their products and finally leads to the topic, have a strong contrast. "Who can prevent coronary heart disease" hand "takes a few steps to music?" "traditional Hair Coloring injury is not only the soft form such as hair.".

4, move

is full of emotion in telling a true story, let the reader into it, to listen to the story of the invisible to accept the product information.

as I write for a plastic surgery hospital – "let love again, hold a girl 11 years of dreams" is through a thank-you letter form to convey the idea, is a beautiful girl began to learn dancing from the age of 7, her biggest dream is to become a world-class ballet dancer, a half a year ago in a car accident, the girl’s face was ripped through a 4 cm hole, the girl went to many hospitals, do a lot of treatment, can eliminate the scar on the face, the despair came to the XXX plastic surgery hospital (soft propaganda hospital) got the doctor answered in the affirmative, girl and joy and sorrow, joy and joy can be.

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