donated the domain name for the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

in 2004, as a student I heard in Guangzhou, when to apply for the Asian Games, I believe that the strength of Guangzhou, in difficult economic circumstances, do not hesitate to spend a month living expenses 200 yuan (then.Cn domain name is registered, more than and 200) is not registered because of.Com.Com in 2004 January was published in the Korean register, then CNNIC is not the main push.Cn like Honda, TOYOTA and other global five hundred companies in the Chinese website so I registered the domain name to in 2010 when the domain name can be used as the Guangzhou Asian Games. Many times in the Ministry of the Internet is willing to donate the news without fruit, with the help of the webmaster network to publish. I would like to guarantee that the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, absolutely willing to donate free of charge.

hope Wang can give a chance.

is now the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee intends to use but gz2010 and Guangzhou and will be delivered Monogram inconsistent, is not conducive to the unity of the brand. Can not better publicize the modern city of Guangzhou. With the domain name and website of the Guangzhou Asian Games, the future is a seamless heavenly robe.

dear friends,

in September 3, 2008, we got an exciting good news! Countdown to 800 days in the sixteenth Asian Games, Chinese NetEase as an outstanding representative of Internet companies, the Rongcheng Asian Games history, the first Internet sponsor, exclusive construction of the 2010 Asian Games official website (


> take advantage of the Olympic Games, invite you to enjoy the passion of the Asian Games

in the just concluded 2008 Beijing Olympic Games report, NetEase in the information release speed, massive information, multimedia applications and Internet users to highlight the advantages of interaction. According to the China Internet Association sponsored by the Chinese website ranking (Chinarank) authoritative data show that during the Olympic Games NetEase video hits hit a new record of 470 million, ahead of the global Internet companies.

NetEase in the successful coverage of the Olympic Games on the basis of experience, the construction of the official website for the Asian Games will invest more resources, let you easily get the Guangzhou Asian Games more quickly, more interactive information and report quality planning and experience, and more active participation and more comprehensive information and content.

> multiple visual experience, with you to share wonderful event

NetEase to undertake the revision of the Asian Games website for you to bring multiple visual elements: Guangzhou and Asian Games and international elements of the page, harmonious and generous, energetic and full of passion Games Harmonious Asia "slogan; interactive area lively."

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