Big search car announced a $100 million C round of financing ant clothing, China auto rental investm

news the day before November 16th, second-hand car trading platform big search car announced the completion of $100 million C round of financing, the investor is the ant gold clothing, China auto rental. Previously, large search vehicles investors include Sequoia Capital, Morningside capital, crossing the source of venture capital and other investment institutions.

big search car CEO Yao Junhong said, after the financing will rely on comprehensive financial services ant payment service ability, help throughout the second-hand car dealer car dealers and partners, to create a seamless online and offline auto finance innovation service platform, promote the automobile financial industry’s prosperity, let consumers enjoy real Car Buying in service.

why investment big search cars, ants, vice president of investment gold dress had mentioned, in addition to a major car search team, the most important is to search the car and ant gold clothing investment strategy match. The goal is to be able to ant eco service partners, service small and micro enterprise strategy to become their CFO. But tens of thousands of enterprises, how to find the ant payment service quality customers? Need to find the middle of the chain of service providers, in order to make the channel sink. For example, the ants through a large search service car has formed a vertical platform, to gather the car dealers, dealers to provide financial services.

"we deeply understand the car manufacturers, the second-hand car dealers and consumers in the car transactions pain points, hope to be able to make full use of ant gold service capabilities in terms of financial innovation from the payment, credit, a micro lending enabling big search car platform, good industry participants and consumers of financial services." Ji said.

In addition to

, the big search car also launched a credit car finance program – a car. A car bomb is the ant payment service credit data and financial services network bank based by the large search vehicles provide product design and sales service of credit Car Buying financial brand. Unlike full payment and ordinary car loan installments, a car bomb is to provide more funds, low down payment threshold lower repayment pressure, more flexible stage "and" rent to buy "elastic Car Buying financial plan for the customer, the down payment, the monthly rent and Car Buying tail of three parts.

the product is currently used only for the new car, the target population of 80, 90, the car provides a flexible financial car program to reduce the threshold of down payment, repayment pressure is also more suitable for young people at this level.

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