Premature capital cooperation why Groupon refused to buy

said, Groupon rejected Google’s star group purchase offer is declined $6 billion, looks pretty spineless. However, today, Groupon is no longer what personal website, discussion of the shareholders’ meeting and that pressure and emotional things unrelated to root. In the end, the death of capital cooperation, is pondering what.

this year, Google seems to have passed its peak moment, a lot of backbone or independent portal, or to a new home, so Google to come up with millions of dollars to retain talent. Nearly a year, it announced its staff salary is 10%. The enterprise, to some extent, has begun to use money to stay, rather than what ideals, values or corporate culture.

a digital company, in the final analysis, in fact, no special assets, especially for the future. The server is good, the program is good, perhaps they can maintain a revenue model, but for the creation of new growth points, at least artificial intelligence has not been so developed. The biggest value of Google, may be that it has enough charm to attract a variety of talent, and once the charm fade, the company’s glory, it is necessary to make a big discount.

Groupon shareholders (including its founder) in fact need to do is to judge: when they agreed to $6 billion acquisition, their interests are not damaged. The $6 billion, there may be a pure cash, there may be equity + cash (may not be pure equity), so the question becomes: if it is pure cash, Groupon is only worth $6 billion; if there is equity, then the Google option is not more than the benefit equity Groupon map


if the message is conclusive, it means that the shareholders of Groupon think, Groupon more than $6 billion, or, Google stake is not worth Groupon. In the choice of Groupon or Google in the future, this help make investment in human who put their vote to Groupon. We don’t need to use this kind of value like "chicken first do a better" concept to judge, there is a benefit.

is circulating a picture on the Internet, which is a series of efforts on the social network Google process, but the real success stories are very scarce. Blogger, Feedburner, Orkut, Jaiku, Youtube, Buzz and publicly announced the failure of wave, the Google is in the field of natural defeats, courage is commendable, but every failure did not hit a confidence to others. Google is very good at processing information and based on the above information in advertising, but for the "relationship" this sort of thing, it seems to be a lack of feeling.

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