Guangxi enterprises to develop, Guangxi SEO training imperative

today, my company’s several clerks to go to some enterprises to talk about web site optimization project, very happy and I said clients today hear their introduction I am very interested in the clerk came back, because these enterprises are doing product sales, promotion expenses spent annually on Baidu up 3, 40 thousand yuan, hear the salesman introduced, these companies are feeling the eyes bright, these enterprises are willing to carry out this business, because it can save a lot of money for them. And come back from the salesman said they had never heard of what SEO website optimization what, feel very strange, I think, the Guangxi SEO market is still very great ah, maybe I need to do now is how to cultivate the market, after all, Guangxi Liuzhou is also a lot of enterprises. May use the advantage of school enterprise to do some training (some people may have doubts, the school? Yes, I was a teacher, network marketing) to allow enterprises to have a sense of this, there is such a concept, it is easier to carry out business, market maturity what do good do. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, SEO has become an important means of marketing, most of the enterprises in Guangxi have not heard of such a model, from the start of speaking, it has a large portion of the poor people, therefore, Guangxi enterprises to develop, and the face of the economic crisis, if the enterprise’s own marketing model does not make any changes, and finally lose or Guangxi enterprise itself, so the Guangxi enterprise website SEO is imperative, to make enterprises to open up a new way of marketing, Guangxi SEO training should also speed up the pace, I seem to play a pioneer of Wu of.

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