College students to build the site when the online king

      college students had let people admire, when polanwang can be acceptable to the public? Speaking of "polanwang", many people will immediately think of those riding on the old tricycle, yelling "junk" in the city of migrant workers loudly in the Community streets and alleys. This year, 25 year old online junk King Zhang difference is that: graduated from a college in the province last year, retired from the army, the investment of $1000 to do a Yantai online waste collection network.

      raise money to do online collection of waste

      up to ten odd

      plain clothes, simple and honest smile, October 6th, in the rain in the southern suburbs of the village and Zhang Qu on the interview, the reporter can not see this guy is actually a fashionable online "polanwang". Speaking of his website, Zhang said: I was just in August to do up, not a little money in their own hands, even the purchase of the domain name of the money or the brother to the free sponsorship!"

      online collection of waste and the traditional pattern of waste collection is very different, Zhang is how to give birth to this idea to? Originally, Zhang once experienced polanwang life, also Street rag, he was unwilling to mediocrity wondering how to do something special.

      Zhang said: "I have been unemployed at home, pay attention to the Internet across the country almost all waste collection sites, we solicit business through the network platform, and often received some bulk business units. I think the market is also a lot of renewable resources in Yantai, the Internet should have a waste recovery." Zhang said to do it, he immediately registered the domain name for the Yantai online waste collection network site.

      website built up, but in the maintenance, Zhang is a "layman". It is his brother to help, free to provide maintenance for his website. Think of the largest single business, Zhang can not stop excited. He said that it was a plastic factory in Laishan, a message on my website, the two sides on the price will become, suddenly received more than 1 thousand pounds of plastic, he earned a total of 200!

      Web site posted on the community bulletin board

      residents favor small also booked

      if you have to deal with waste, you can visit the Yantai online waste collection network, the specific business welcome online communication……" In the southern suburbs of Huian District, a number of areas, many people noticed that in the area of advertising information publicity column. Zhang said that he and a number of community residents to communicate in the community publicity column

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