Stationmaster net broadcast CEO run away a community of 001 customer why dead

introduction: because of business failures, CEO run away those few, I do not know whether we still remember before Nora founder Wang Xin has run away, was eventually arrested; recently, was a fresh fruit industry of "dark horse" camp CEO do not know the whereabouts of Xie Guohui, and now there was a special guest to buy CEO Tao Gang run away, Xiaobian this is not good.

1 CEO Tao Gang lost light 1 million 300 thousand customer owed wages

million employees run away

near the end of the year, when the friends around the beginning of the end of the year to calculate the award, but because of the company’s two months of her salary and compensation.

is a special customer before bayberry purchasing staff, in December 20, 2015, the special CEO Tao Gang lost light because customer investment funds run away 1 million 300 thousand, owed more than 70 million employees wages, current whereabouts unknown.

and P2P financial sector fraud huge funds of different users, Tao Gang "run away" was a founder of covet investment funds behavior, and the "drama" every year will end the end of the year in the Internet Co staged.

2 now unfamiliar street "20 days to earn 800 thousand advertising network theft hidden inside  


men chat "in the unfamiliar street agency qualification certificate" group, "rent a car for 20 days to earn 800 thousand ad, by two car platform, the rent a car stolen goods. Yesterday morning, the reporter learned from the Fengtai court, the defendant Zhu guilty of contract fraud, the First Instance sentenced to prison in two years and six months, and fined 3000 yuan. Zhu ordered restitution of 343 thousand yuan, return to the victim.

unfamiliar street chat found car rental 20 days to earn 800 thousand ad

Zhu confession, in May 14, 2015, when he was in his home mobile Internet, in unfamiliar street chat agency academic credentials in the group, found that car rental 20 days to earn the advertising of 800 thousand.

"how can the 20 day rental earn 800 thousand interest?" Zhu after consulting chat Mo, the other way is to tell yourself, Beijing rent a car, and then rented the car.

3 airlines in transition challenges where encirclement is just the beginning of  

where to air ticket booking business is experiencing unprecedented crisis. As of last night, there have been nine domestic airlines to join the camp where the ban.

on the last day of 2015, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines took the lead vocal, said to suspend cooperation with where to go, where to go online to close its official flagship store, and suggested that consumers go to the airline ticket booking channel official. Subsequently, Capital Airlines, Chongqing airlines to follow up, announced the suspension of cooperation with where to go.

January 4th, Air China, China Eastern Airlines to join the ranks of the ban, in January 5th, Xiang Peng airlines, Tianjin airlines, Sichuan airlines have issued a notice to become

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