Research data shop the average monthly income of 1000 yuan ~2000 January.

data obtained from iResearch show that the last two years, accounting for more than 50% users shop, accounting for about an annual increase of about. According to the latest statistics, at present, there are 570 thousand people in the Taobao online shop to achieve employment, including 18 years old ~22 years old in this age of more than 60 thousand people, more than 10%, and most people in this age group is college students.

the survey data also show that shop owners who monthly income to 1000 yuan ~2000 yuan / month. According to the Academy of Social Sciences in 2009 released China "social blue book", the average monthly salary of 2007 graduates six months after graduation is 2483 yuan.

10% shop owner completely to shop for a living

iResearch data from the survey, online investment is low, but it can bring considerable revenue, especially 11.5% of the shop owner completely to the shop for a living. 70% of the online store is located in Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Beijing and Jiangsu, the provinces and cities, which introduced innovative policies with the local industry and commerce departments to encourage the operation of the relevant shop on the.

shop owner monthly average income ratio

1000~2000 yuan 44%

1000 yuan%16

2000~3000 yuan%22

6000 yuan%2

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