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station network (www.admin5.com) November 27th news, Renren yesterday announced the launch of a new version of the renren.com mobile phone client, based on the original social interaction, the new real-time chat and group mobile communication elements, positioning the youth market, after the game everyone layoffs and other strategic adjustment, finally will re focus back to focus on renren.com, and will migrate to the mobile terminal resource advantages.

2009, the predecessor of the network to expand the network of users in the community, the school network was renamed Renren, and allow students outside the group in the school network registration. This strategy was also adjusted against the opposition of some students, some voices believe that this change will make the campus network users become mixed. But the user’s opposition is weak, eventually turned into a school turned everyone, and a few years later, everyone also successfully listed in the United states.

According to official data provided by

, Renren currently activated the number of users is 194 million, the monthly login users reached 54 million, of which more than 75% of active users". And yesterday’s conference, the new version of the client network is mainly for these 90 young groups. Since the 90 after the vast majority of the group is still a student, so everyone can be said that this strategy is to re positioning their focus on the student population.

recently, everyone has been plagued by negative information about the game layoffs. It is understood that all games have been laid off nearly 70%, CEO ho also in a sick state, take full control of work by all the group COO Liu Jian. At the same time, the group also have several executives leave, at the end of October, vice president and general manager of wireless network all Wu Jiang leaving to join the street network, responsible for marketing the CMO Jiang Zhiqiang will leave. 14 this month, all group CEO Chen Yizhou internal mail sent on all games in the past few quarters of rapid expansion, need to face the problem and timely correct the deviation of the strategy "". At the same time, everyone is the core of the network group. After this year’s Baidu stake in glutinous rice network and restructuring everyone, the company will have a greater cash flow and human resources focus on the internet".

in the PC side, everyone has to use the platform to gain a lot of attention to the user’s attention, depending on the survival of many applications have also achieved some success. These advantages have paralyzed Chen Yizhou. In 2011 all companies listed in the United States, has been described as China Facebook, but in the past three years, everyone did not expand their user groups from the alumni circle, more importantly, in the process of migration to the mobile terminal users, everyone is not a real success in core products.

at the press conference, Chen Yizhou once again to share insights, talked about focus, change and adhere to". He said that in the past, I hope to succeed in a lot of things, and then slowly understand too much will do nothing, to do the best in their own ability to do things". Chen Yizhou stressed that the company will be greater cash flow

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