China online video site revenue model can be medicine information channel in October 15th with the first video, cool 6, LETV have been listed, the domestic Internet industry gust of video website listed on the next wave, Youku, potatoes, storm and other video sites will also be listed on the agenda. The development of online video industry seems to be booming, competition is becoming increasingly white hot trend. But it is worth noting that, in the face of these scenes, the online video industry is also facing great difficulties, which explore the revenue model has become the most urgent task. But for so many video sites in China, what kind of revenue model is cure it?

single ad revenue difficult long-term

is similar to the TV media, the main revenue of the current video sites from advertising revenue. Advertising model has been regarded as an important model to support the development of the website. Survey agency DCCI Netmonitor data monitoring shows that online video users to watch video online habits have gradually formed. Users in the hands of a variety of terminal equipment and the convenience of making video also contributed to the popularity of video sites. Rich website content and a large number of user groups so that the video site is easy to get the favor of advertisers. According to statistics, in 2009 the independent network video broadcast platform and China site advertising revenue size of 590 million yuan, an increase of 73.5% compared to 2008; DCCI 2010 forecast, China network video site advertising revenue will continue to increase, expected revenue is expected to reach 990 million yuan, the growth rate of 67.8%.


China independent online video sites and broadcast platform advertising revenue scale statistics and forecasts (photo)

but too single revenue model to some extent, so that the video site concerns. The face of the current situation of the industry’s general loss, cool 6 network CEO Li Shanyou believes that the value of the video site is seriously underestimated due to. At the same time, well versed in capital game road 6 media chairman Wu Zheng said in his inauguration, all the video site into a use of pirated content to solve the traffic, only a single profit model of online advertising as a dead end, just rely on access to capital, money to survive the "single revenue model must change".

Wu Zheng after taking office also made efforts to explore more revenue model, which includes the launch of cool 6 interactive finance and entertainment stations and live broadcast platform, and even emulate the TV client tailored program. These attempts have also benefited from Wu’s experience in the field of long-term television.

but at the same time, including cool 6, including the video site is indeed a bad step, that is the so-called video genuine".

high copyright increased revenue dilemma

in order to win more advertisers trust, cool 6, Sohu, music as the representative of the video site is actively exploring a video genuine way. In their view, genuine >

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