The war medical advertisements can become Pu 100 unbearable

Putian’s dispute with Baidu from March 25th to April 10th, has experienced dramatic ups and downs.

price is the focus of this controversy. Accounting for 80% of China’s private hospitals in Putian medical institutions believe that the rules of the Internet auction industry is facing serious problems, many medical institutions are working for the Internet Co. Putian boycott, directed at the Chinese first search engine Baidu.

Baidu search promotion was born at the beginning of the "cheap" and "high cost" is known, the first click as long as a few hair or even a few cents. This set of promotion system, how will the development of the Putian Department of health care structure can not afford to feel, and thus the extent of collective boycott of the process, but in the process of resistance, the Department of Putian and the emergence of internal disunity?

NetEase technology reporter after an investigation found that this is a logical chain, each link layers of the occlusal, below we in accordance with the logic of the key node to show the whole story.

who decides to search rank

first of all, you need to know is the enterprise in Baidu search promotion rankings, is to decide what.

official produced by Baidu, Baidu Marketing Institute senior expert team to complete the "Baidu search promotion — a new perspective of marketing" (June 2013 first edition, March 2015 tenth printing) a book on Baidu search promotion ranking principle is introduced in detail.

in accordance with the interpretation of the book, the overall ranking index = quality * bid. According to this formula, the higher the quality and the bid, the higher the ranking.

in the ranking of the two factors, first look at the quality.

in accordance with the Baidu promotion – search marketing a new perspective, a book, quality, popular to say that Baidu is the main business to promote the idea of the search points.

The core of the

quality model is that the machine learning module group, the accumulated data model and the amount of data has exceeded the limits of human learning. But according to practical experience, we can also sum up some effective quality optimization methods.

The effect of

factors: click rate, correlation, the level of creativity, performance, quality and other accounts ", which hit rate is an important factor which directly affects the quality of the keywords, and correlation and creative level is affected by the click rate to influence the quality of key words.

do a competitive ranking of the industry told NetEase technology, click on the increase, on the one hand, to optimize the relevance and creativity, etc., on the other hand, and bid related. You do so good web page, click rate to go up, first let others see, to let others see, ranking can not be too much, the money can not be too low." He explained, therefore, the quality is also affected by the price.

however, this argument has not been confirmed Baidu.

look at the offer. According to "hundred"

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