The world’s top six dynamic domain name.COM in early August added nearly 200 thousand

IDC China Review Network 08 reported on 21 may, according to the latest data released by the Source Whois, as of August 19th, the world’s top six domains (.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO and.US) of the total domain reached 141539027. The.COM domain name registration amounted to 104582490, an increase of 195183 compared with the end of July. The review of IDC network with everyone concerned in early August six the latest global top-level domain.


(Figure 1) the world’s top six domain name registration total distribution map (as of 2012-8-19)

as shown in Figure 1,.COM domain name alone, the total has reached 104582490. The total.NET domain name is 14842259;.ORG domain name is 10083606;.INFO up to;.BIZ is 2273377;.US is 1791928.

below, we come to understand the top six domain names on the same day in August 19th.


(Figure 2) the top six domain growth data

Figure 2 data show that in August 19th the same day, in addition to the.COM domain name grew by 692, the remaining top five domain names are showing negative growth. Among them, the net reduction of 952.NET domain name,.ORG net minus 1094,.INFO net decrease of, net decrease of.BIZ,.US net minus 418.

above the latest data, in early August, the world’s top six domain reached a total of 141539027, an increase of 93726 compared with the end of July. Among them, the.COM domain name up to 195183.

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