Dozens of crown class shop was closed shop Taobao

reporter Zhu Ningning

integrity management is the fundamental business, which is the most basic way of doing business on the Internet was drilled loopholes. Recently, dozens of Taobao crown level shops, due to the use of brush credibility to create false transaction records, the same day was closed shop.

now, online shopping has become the choice of more and more people. In the hundreds of thousands of selected shop sellers, an important basis to identify is the credit level, the so-called "grade", if a shop to do even diamond crown level, it means that this is a high degree of credibility of the business, this is undoubtedly an important weapon to win the trust of the buyers, natural business will be getting better and better.

can be a lot of people do not know, a lot of crown level shop was spawned by hiring "brush credit" approach, due to strong demand, it is the birth of a complete industrial chain of "brush credit".

a week has double crown level

off the crown shop was closed event, is a mysterious figure broke the news. According to the mysterious figure, originally wanted to learn their own business management business is good seller, in the careful observation of the store more than crown class records, but he made a surprising discovery: all buyers are just registered a new account, all without opening the personal space; all buyers are a one-time purchase of 5 goods; commodity price is very cheap, mostly in 0.01 yuan or 0.1 yuan; the number of goods purchased are not necessarily more general, 6 ok. Subsequently, the "mysterious figure" with the "suspicious" store name list, the first to have more than and 20, and then posted a name of nearly 40 stores, all without exception is the crown level seller, and this one, there was opened just a week


published by the news, immediately attracted a lot of attention. And in the mysterious figure exposure of nearly one hundred problem crown shop, Taobao also immediately under the pain killer, according to the report last week sealed off dozens of crown shops, and issued a notice.

for the number of crown store was closed issue, sellers buyers are consistent. A shop just opened the new owner said, every day can receive such as "200 yuan of money to help you brush the crown" this advertisement, be pestered beyond endurance. "Although I business is not very good, but also not to engage in such crooked ways doings, I also believe that the most businesses on Taobao crown is through their own hard work to create."

said the shop closed pain: I regret

light rain (a pseudonym) is the closure of a large number of shops in the crown seller. Despite the past a week, but the thought of his three years of painstaking efforts of the shop business ended, she could not help but weep. "I regret to die now, for so little credit, The loss outweighs the gain.


in the summer of 2006, when a student’s light rain began to set up shop on Taobao

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