Daily topics Ali entertainment treasure turned out to create the national investment disputes

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network April 2nd news recently, Ali launched the entertainment treasure caused extensive discussion, of course we will also have certain questions indifferent. "Entertainment treasure", "balance of treasure", is a treasure, it is easy to fall into a reverie.

then the entertainment treasure in the end is where sacred? And whether the balance of treasure has a same vein blood? According to Ali introduced unlike the balance of treasure attributes, entertainment treasure will depend on Taobao mobile end products to consumers by offering financing, financing configured as part of the trust plan, and ultimately invest in Ali’s cultural and entertainment industry. Taobao mobile phone users can in the entertainment treasure reservation page, select the items of interest were investment, the expected annual yield of 7%, and have the opportunity to enjoy the crew visit the set, the star will meet other entertainment interests. Different from the balance of treasure monetary fund, entertainment treasure docking is investment linked insurance products China Life’s "Guohua Huarui No. 1 A life insurance".

entertainment treasure is reliable, really in the entertainment can make money? Is the norm? Because of the recent internet banking has been in the teeth of the storm. Not long before there is to ban the balance of treasure voice! It is understood that the entertainment treasure is Kuo Hua life insurance investment linked insurance, this investment linked insurance products are not guaranteed security interest, Kuo Hua life measures is to reduce the investment threshold, product subscription starting point is 100 yuan, the upper limit is only 1000 yuan. This means that, according to a 7% annual yield calculation, the maximum profit of each investor per year was 70 yuan, 30 yuan is only surrender losses.

soon entertainment treasure has been questioned, said to a movie to sell insurance, this insurance is the coat all pay kernel! All pay rise in foreign countries, by way of the Internet publishing and fundraising project to raise funds. Compared with the traditional way of financing, the public to raise more open, the ability to obtain funds is no longer the commercial value of the project as the only standard. As long as users love the project can get through all the way to raise the funds to start the project, or the creation of more business with a small capital who provides unlimited possibilities. Alibaba group public relations director Gu Jianbing said, entertainment treasure model is not all chips". The project can not raise equity or capital return, the project sponsor can not promise any financial gain to the supporters. This can be expected to provide financial benefits and entertainment treasure platform insurance and financial products, there is an essential difference.

analysis of the industry, the entertainment treasure possible mode of operation is to invest in one or more of the trust plan, to invest in the film, divided according to certain principles, the film ultimately returns will give trust plan, after deducting management fees, trust income will be returned to the insurance, 1 years after the return to the individual. Many industry insiders believe that entertainment treasure is more marketing elements, from the pre film, shooting, production to the release process, driven by user participation. At present it seems that the topic of entertainment treasure marketing is greater than its own content innovation." Internet commentators Hong Bo said.

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