Many problems caused by the new network group purchase blossom everywhere and promote the industry r


is currently the main force in the network to buy a group of young people aged 25 to 35 years of age.


can see the number of people soaring every second.


group purchase website package is clearly in the chicken, now how the chicken skeleton?…… Comic: Chen Dongyang buy

network group purchase blossom everywhere

new regulations to promote the industry reshuffle

due to the low threshold of buy site industry, fierce competition caused many problems, the recent introduction of e-commerce credit certification rules is expected to bring change

– Shenzhen Daily reporter Yao Zhuowen Wang Guoping / Wen Zhang Yaobo /

eat and watch movies, KTV series of consumption, this is the Shenzhen white-collar Ye Yanshan last weekend day, are all completed by group purchase. A price 200 yuan famous cafe lunch, group purchase only 49 yuan; two star cinema movie tickets plus coke popcorn packages from the original 190 yuan fell to 55 yuan; is not limited to the number of karaoke sing 3 hours as long as 28 yuan. The whole day down, and my boyfriend two people spending only $132, less than the original price of 70 percent off, it is too cost-effective." Said Ye Yanshan excitedly. Since September began to focus on the group purchase website, the past two months, almost every weekend leisure consumption, she is through the group purchase website selection, although the group purchase experience is not long, it is the senior "online shopping Master".


was born at the beginning of this year China group purchase domestic first real sense, there have been rising more and more group purchase website, from half a year ago the "hundred regiments" now seems to have become a "thousand group war" potential. In Shenzhen local, with the group purchase group purchase website A new force suddenly rises., has become the main mode of consumption of many young people, but behind this, many problems hidden group purchase site also began to be of concern to the people.


25-35 years old to buy the main force

According to the

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center survey found that provide services in the group purchase website, entertainment, food and beverage two kinds of most popular, accounted for half of the country’s main group purchase classification. In addition, the proportion of high-quality online shopping accounted for 8.9%, mainly in kind products, and cosmetics accounted for the mainstream.

on the other hand, according to research firm released the number 100 "group purchase industry survey report" shows in September 2010 September, Beijing Shanghai and Guangzhou Shenzhen four group purchase of the active transactions, a total turnover of over 110 million, the number of transactions reached 1 million 810 thousand.

reporter learned that the transaction amount in September 10 major group purchase website before three are from the group purchase movie tickets. The first two are from Shenzhen, No.

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