The electronic commerce dark horse Leaping spawned the butterfly effect

by the international financial crisis, the China has a lot of "a Xiongbayifang" of large enterprises and even collapsed said of an aged person. But there are also many little-known small and medium-sized enterprises, to find a breakthrough opportunity in the market environment in the doldrums in the scope of promotion and business performance to a new level.

During this period,

benefited from the open, global, low cost and high efficiency characteristics of the Internet, which has become a new form of trade. Electronic commerce will not only change the production, promotion, sales and management activities of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, but also directly affect the whole industry, and even the economic operation and internal structure of the society.

May 3rd, Nie Linhai, deputy director of the Ministry of commerce information secretary said that the financial crisis is to China’s e-commerce industry provides a rare opportunity for development, last year China’s total e-commerce transactions exceeded 3 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 40%.

in the current economic situation, the use of e-commerce in the survival of SMEs is much better than the use of traditional mode of enterprise. The relevant statistics show that in the financial crisis, not the use of the electronic commerce enterprises bogged down the proportion of 84.2%, compared with the e-commerce enterprises, the proportion was 5 times higher in trouble.

Internet to provide marketing platform for enterprises, more than 300 million of the domestic network of potential audience will become the most direct e-commerce customers, the company’s marketing influence through the Internet tools to produce the greatest benefits. The long-term development of the regional distribution of local and Limited is destined to limit enterprise, and the Internet for enterprises to build a trusted brand, and can guide the establishment of education through different scope and areas of customer groups, and attract potential customers by the butterfly effect, the fact that this growth rate is a multiple of the rolling snowball effect.

contradiction Aioi, interest dependence, e-commerce fiery also make the blind pursuit of the enterprise "burn". Tens of millions of enterprises to participate in e-commerce marketing, so that the competition will also be heated, many of the relatively weak competitiveness of enterprises in the window type platform and large enterprises to fight each other visibility. In recent years, the rapid rise of the Internet, a hundred responses to a single call its latest products, the use of navigation technology, looking for business opportunities for enterprises, through the screening of active bypass, the relationship between supply and demand for the optimal allocation, and create profits, at present has attracted great attention of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, has been hailed as the dark horse of the e-commerce industry "".


to a hundred responses to a single call as the representative of the emerging e-commerce platform, will enable the company to bid farewell to the "silent era of e-commerce marketing", a new round of hot, also will come. (text / WANGDING)

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